Sunday, September 15, 2013

The start of the build; orders orders orders.

Boba Fett is my favourite character in the Star Wars universe. So naturally, you're going to want a costume of your favourite character, right? I've always wanted to build a Boba, but the high cost expenses have kept me from starting.

Now I have began the build, and this is going to be a long journey, so I will post my progress for anybody else to look through. This blog might help you make your own Boba in the future, but seeing the kinds of things I'm doing. There are many types of ways to build parts, but these are my methods.

I am creating a Return of the Jedi Boba Fett, so far, these are the parts I have aquired;

Helmet                      Flightsuit
Neckseal                   Cape
Boots                        Spats
Gloves                      EE-3
Flak Jacket               Jetpack Harness

I've got the gauntlets in the mail currently, and the jetpack should be shipping soon as well.
I've also ordered the remaining pieces, chest armor, shoulder, back, cod, kidney, and knee armor all from Bobamaker. Unfortunately those will not be seen until December, he is backed up so far with orders.

I'm going for 501st quality by the end of this Boba, and I'm hoping that it will look as good as I can make it.


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