Sunday, September 15, 2013

The cape! The gun! The first WIP!

So far, this is the only piece I have very close to finished. Boba's cape from ROTJ is made from a US Army Shelter Half. I was able to grab the last one at an army surplus store in my area.

Boba's cape requires three sets of stitching, one set you can pull right from the seam on the shelter half, connecting the middle rectangle to the outer triangle.
Unfortunately, the shelter half I got was two toned. The middle section was a tad lighter than the outer triangles.

 You can tell the right side is a big darker. So I had to measure out my cape using the middle section, and simulate the stitching myself. The cape is 36 inches by 29.25 inches. I used chalk to outline it as I can wash it out easier. And then cut it with scissors. 

I am absolutely no good with anything related to fabric, so my best friend was able to stitch and hem this for me (actually all of my soft parts for Boba's costume). Since Boba's cape is partially tattered, we only folded three corners. Fold the corners twice for a nice looking edge, and then sewed it with black threading.We used and iron and (tried) to use starch to get a nice looking crease with the edges.
The same goes for the stitching in the middle. The narrow set falls 5.25 inches from the edge, and the wider set falls 4 inches from the edge. Be sure the stitching is falling longways, along the 36 inch side. I'm not entirely sure what colour the stitching is for the middle, it's hard to say to remain movie accurate. We were going to go with an olive green, that's the colour on the original shelter half, but we forgot to re-thread the machine and stitched a whole line of black before realising! Black it is then.

As for the EE-3, I've got the Hasbro's Boba Fett EE-3 on hand. I'm attempting to convert that into a decent looking replica, but it's a lot of work. Kits on eBay for that are about $150-$200 so if I can save money, I am going to try. The paint on it I've got going on some of the parts is looking great so far, I can't wait until I'm finished sanding down the wood putty on the main gun so I can put it all together.

I also just picked up some synthetic hair from Sally's. I'm making the wookiee braids by hand, I'd rather do it myself then order some. They didn't have a decent brown, so I'm going to have to darken the one I have somehow. Spraypaint maybe?

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